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Player's Guide to Casino Choice and Registration Rules!

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How to Choose an Online Casino?

Gambling draws and does not let go, and the increase in such institutions on the Internet only contributes to this. Any adult can test their strength and win the jackpot. The more so that legal online casinos provide such an opportunity. The payoff of most gaming sites reaches 97%.

Choosing the "right" casino

In order not to get a "scam" in the hands of fraudsters and unscrupulous gambling sites need to approach the choice of online casinos responsibly.

Choosing the "right" casino Topkazinos.lv in the photo is
Choosing the "right" casino Topkazinos.lv

First of all, look for the license of the gambling establishment, if it does not exist, then immediately leave this site. If everything is in order with the certificate and the company-regulator, look at the following parameters:

  1. Positive client feedback.
  2. Variety and quality of games.
  3. Quality of feedback.
  4. Minimum bets and top-ups.
  5. Ranked in the top ten of various rankings.
  6. Any deposit and withdrawal methods.
  7. The payoff is over 90%.
  8. Bonuses.
  9. Live play.
  10. Functional interface and attractive design.

If there are negative reviews on the web, someone could not get their winnings, while the playground has a license, it is better not to get involved with this online casino.

How to register at a casino

Registering on the site of a gambling establishment is as easy as on any other online resource:

  • Go to the main page of the official site.
  • Click the "Register" button.
  • Enter your username and password, email and phone number.
  • Confirm mailbox and mobile phone number.
  • Enjoy the game.
How to register in Topkazinos.lv casino in the photo is
How to register in Topkazinos.lv casino

By registering, the new user automatically agrees with the rules of the club, so it is advisable to familiarize yourself with them, so as not to break them unknowingly. Some actions of the players may be considered by the security service as fraud, and the service will block the account.

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Rules that should not be broken:

  1. Client age 18+.
  2. Do not create multiple accounts per person.
  3. One IP-address -one account.
  4. Failure of verification.
  5. The payment documents belong to another person.
  6. Insults to the technical support staff.
  7. Disseminating false information about an establishment that tarnishes its reputation.

What is a verification of a gaming account?

For the security of money transactions and protection against fraudsters, almost all gambling houses ask to undergo a verification or identity verification procedure. For this purpose, the institution needs to provide documents confirming the identity. Based on the results of the online casino's security check, the user is offered all the options of the service and is allowed to make transactions. If the provided information turns out to be incorrect, the club will block the account.

Some institutions request identification immediately after registration, while others request it after applying for withdrawal. It is worth noting that identity verification takes 1-3 days. Therefore, it is better to do it in advance, so as not to wait long for the withdrawal of money.

Documents requested by casino security:

  • Photo or scan of passport spread with photo;
  •  screenshot of account number with personal information of e-wallet or mobile phone;
  • photo or scan of the bank card (the secret code is to be edited in a graphic editor) to be used for cash transactions;
  • a photo of the bank statement with the account details.

Monetary transactions in online casinos

Deposit/withdrawal of funds is carried out in the way chosen by the client, i.e. if the deposit was made by means of a bank card, it is possible to withdraw funds only to that card.

Money transactions in online casinos Topkazinos.lv pictured are
Money transactions in online casinos Topkazinos.lv

Deposit and withdrawal facilities:

  • popular e-wallets;
  • credit and debit cards from banks;
  • mobile phone account;
  • payment terminals;
  • cryptocurrency wallets.

Before playing for real money, beginners are recommended to practice in a free demo. You can play in free mode in slot machines, as well as in roulette and blackjack.
It is also necessary to familiarize yourself with the size of the minimum bet and deposit. In many online casinos you can start the game for money by making a deposit of just 1-2 euros.

When newcomers are offered bonuses from the casino, you should first read the information with the conditions, how to play them, mistaken in one point - you can not withdraw the money.

How to bet in the slot machines (slots) online casinos?

Slot machines in virtual casinos operate on the principle of random numbers. The software in licensed casinos is designed so that no outside intervention is possible: neither to the club owners, nor to the programmers.

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Different gaming services offer different number of slots. All these slot machines differ in the number of game reels and game segments, design and animation, winning combinations.

The rules of the game are simple and straightforward: if certain symbols fall on a particular line, the player wins and gets the prize. The jackpot is the main prize; it is a dream of both beginners and experienced casino players. Winning may be fixed (a certain amount) and progressive (jackpot amount increases with the number of slots).

Main prize - Topkazinos.lv jackpot in the photo is
Top prize - Topkazinos.lv jackpot

Many slot machines charge bonuses for certain symbols: free spins or prizes. When winning a certain amount of money, various gifts are provided.

Many slot machines can operate in automatic mode. The player fixes the bet amount and transfers the game to the passive mode. In this case the game reel is unwound automatically, without participation of the player, winnings are also credited automatically.

Experienced players use special "winning" strategies:

  • The Martingale System.

The bet is doubled if the previous bet was a loser, it happens until the betting recoups the initial loss.

  • Parlay Strategy (Anti-Martingale).

The money rate is reduced after losing by 2 times and increased after winning.

  • Zigzag system.

Searching for the slot machine "ready" to part with the jackpot. The essence of the method is to choose a slot machine with a picture of a winning combination (suitable for real casinos).

  • Pyramid system.

The game starts with small stakes, gradually increases, and then decreases in the same increments to the original stakes.

  • High-low system.

Assumes the change of maximum and minimum bets.

  • One Bet a Day Strategy.

Make the maximum bet on the progressive slot machine once a day. If you win, you can continue, but with the minimum amounts.

  • A system of limited number of rotations.

The method is that the player stipulates the number of defeats (empty spins) in advance, leaves the game after they occur.

  • The "Win - Run" strategy.

As soon as victory comes - immediately switch to another machine.

Try just playing the demo for a start, and then hone your skills by choosing strategies.

But the most suitable system for newcomers to online casinos is the "Free Spins without Deposit for Registration" system. With this system, you can play and win real money. And at the same time without making a deposit and without spending your own finances. The main thing in this system - choose the right online casino.

Best Licensed European Casinos with Free Spins

Minimum Deposit
40 Free Spins! €1000 Bonus (10-15%) with Veyger 1x!
50 Free Spins for Registration!
€2, $2, 100₽
60 Free Spins No Deposit! 200% First Deposit Bonus!
100₽, €10, 10₺, 5zł, $5
60 Free Spins No Deposit in Gonzo's Quest slot (NetENT)
100₽, €2
50 No Deposit Spins on Dead or Alive 2 Slot! + €1000 First Deposit Bonus!
50 Free No Deposit Spins (25 DoA2 + 25 Gonzo's Quest)!
€2, $2, 150₽
100 Free Spins for Registration "Bonus Code 100SUN"! Instant Winnings! No Verification Documents! No Limits on Winnings! VIP Cashback! Deposit Bonus €1500 + 150 FS!
50₽, $1, €1, 4.5TRY
100 Free Spins No Deposit! + $1000 Deposit Bonus!
1€, 50₽, 20₴, 1$, 300₸

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Player's Guide to Casino Choice and Registration Rules!
Player's Guide to Casino Choice and Registration Rules!
How to choose online casinos? Gambling is addictive and does not let go, and the increase in such institutions on the Internet only contributes to it. Any adult can test their strength and win the jackpot. The more so that legal online casinos provide such an opportunity.
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