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Betting on Sports & Cybersport (2021): What kind of bettor are you? + Bonus!

Many betting shops in Latvia today offer betting on various sports and markets. Every player (bettor), among the variety of their types, is motivated by different reasons to bet. What to bet on and why is not the deciding factor. What matters, and everyone wants to know, is what type of player you are. What type of player are you? The answer to this question is given by this article.

Betting on Sports in Latvia (2020) What kind of a Bettor you are + Bonus is in the picture.

There are players who are not very disappointed by losing bets. For them, the game is just fun. But most of them want their investments to be returned and multiplied. They want to earn by betting. It is possible to divide players by the nature of their approach to the game - some develop and apply a specific strategy, others are guided only by intuition. 

The named groups of bettors can be divided into subtypes. There are those for whom betting is only an entertaining puzzle and they want to solve it. Some people are attracted to psychological and mathematical facets of betting.

First type of player: determines the odds independently

A player of this type questions the odds calculated by the bookmaker. He has more confidence in the probabilities calculated by himself. Such a player relies on useful sources and ways to anticipate the outcome of events more accurately. This is a player who wants to do a better job than the bookmaker will do.

Betting on sports and cyber sports in Latvia Synottip Joker

Individual players of this type are convinced that the stock of knowledge about sports contributes to betting winnings. Players who do not require knowledge of sports do not take into account the odds recommended by bookmakers. They have their own, productive patterns and combinations. Such player makes an individual calculation of odds, just comparing them with the bookmaker's odds. In case of the highest probability determined by the player, the bet is considered successful.

Optibet.lv Betting on sports and cybersports in Latvia

To achieve sustainable success with this approach requires purposefulness, patience, absolute mastery, and solid experience. To achieve the expected positive results when predicting the outcome of events independently, is quite realistic. Given the difficulty of performing such a method, players of this category often choose only one type of sports in Latvia or market. But it is advisable to bet on several sports and different markets.

Parallel to the development of the betting industry, players of the type described are improving. As the market develops and becomes more complex, the fascination of the established handicap approach, is lost. In order to stand up to the competition among other participants and bookmakers, it is valuable to have access to data and be able to use it successfully. This applies to standalone players.

But individual players can group into teams, communicate, share news, and work together to determine winning bets. They can also form reputable organisations, with substantial funds and clearly divided responsibilities among staff members.

Second type of player: great ideas, but poor implementation.

A large proportion of the players in this category are not at all suspicious of belonging to such a category. They are convinced that they fall under the definition described above. Such people have no doubts that they do everything correctly, and if they fail, they blame their own failure. Victories in their perception are nothing but a logical result. And by no means fortune.

Players in this category are also subjected to the analysis of information. Moreover, they can form the admissibility of different outcomes of the event and calculate the perceived superiority of the bookmaker. The mistake here is that they operate with a small array of raw data or incorrect nature of the information. Little time is given to control their calculations.

11.lv The sports totalizator in Latvia is in the picture.
11.lv Sports Totalizator in Latvia

Bettors of this type have an inherent desire to turn into professionals. But the probability of success with such tactics is low. To decide on a bet in football, people of this category are guided by the historical trends in the football league or the odds of the number of goals of the team and the league.

It is well known that bookmakers invest huge amounts of money in human resources and technology in order to calculate the odds.

There are thousands of bettors with the richest skills on the market. They have open access to vast databases of information. Bookmakers themselves incorporate the results of predicative modeling of such players in their odds. 

If you set yourself the ambitious intention of beating other competitors and bookmakers in the game, you need to spend a lot of time and effort to master the principles of betting. It is necessary to understand what it takes to win. Players of the described type want to win without much effort.

The third type of player: the main thing is not to win, but to participate.

Along with those who bet in order to make money, there are also those who do not care about winning. Naturally, a winning outcome is very important for them, so is the feeling of disappointment at the loss. Actually the only motivation for people of this type is emotion. They play for fun.

Since material gain is not in the first place for such gamblers, they are not too bothered to delve into the essence of probability theory. Such people spend little time on analyses and calculations. Often allow themselves to overestimate the chance of success. But their goal is not money, but pleasure.

A double dose of fun is watching the game and playing the "betting" lottery. Such players place singles bets on a single winner or, in order not to miss any games on the same day, make express predictions.

The difference between an amateur and a professional is not in the monetary amount of the bet. Depending on a player's wealth, the amount may be €0.5, €5 or €5,000. Players of this type do not bother to seek out the highest bets at many bookies. 

They rely on one bookmaker. They like the brand, the process. They are satisfied with the comfort of using the site and the feedback service. Over time, each person may change their approach and their belonging to a certain type.

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Betting on Sports & Cybersport (2021): What kind of bettor are you? + Bonus!
Betting on Sports and Cybersports in Online Casino: Types of Gamblers! A plethora of bookmakers today offer betting in a variety of sports and markets. Every player (bettor), among the variety of their types, is motivated by different reasons to bet.
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